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New Exciting High-Tech Earning

There is a wage-earners crisis. We must now view wage-earning from a different perspective. New technology can assist in filling a void that will improve the lives of many. Just like technology has improved the value of many companies and corporations, it can also improve wage earning for the public.

Human beings must now use human leverage!

Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and other high-tech devices, are directly related to the reduction in our labor markets. Whether you are butcher, baker or candlestick maker your job is on the chopping block. Neither Doctors, Lawyers nor Indian Chiefs have job security in this environment. We must bond together as a single buying unit, and force fair play. Manufacturers of products goods, and services rely extensively on the public to purchase their goods.

Higher paying jobs are also disappearing as a result of outsourcing, and other corporate levers. Still, we must peep the underlying reason why outsourcing is so prevalent. Jobs and trades that once required special skills can now be performed by less talented workers. This is a result of the high-tech explosion of artificial intelligence. Jobs will continue to disappear as long as companies can profit by it.

We must prepare for the inevitable. Without public participation, businesses will fail drastically. Buyers have a huge influence in directing revenue. Without group participation, wealthy individuals and large corporations will force their will upon the public without reprisals.

Buying Discipline

It was once believed that small organizations would benefit from the Internet's massive advertising potential, and the playing field would be leveled somewhat. This belief is nowhere near as strong as it was 10 years ago.

Many are finding that promoting a product on the Internet is becoming more difficult and expensive. Social media programs and viral marketing systems and the like, have provided the wherewithal for individuals and small businesses to establish a means of contact and dialog. What is missing, however, is a bargained-for exchange that provides all involved with a win, win, win regardless of the entry level. New technology addresses this issue.

Wage-Earners Are Consumers

Wage-earners and consumers alike can now take advantage of a brand new way of making purchases and promoting products. We must learn to restrain ourselves from buying products without revenue return. We must demand payment before we view, listen to, or click on, any advertisement. We must use consumer leverage to control financial destiny.

Many of us are still employed. As long as new high-tech devices are being created and used by large corporations, our jobs will slide closer to the window of vulnerability. Nonetheless, advanced technology is responding to the crises that it is causing. It is providing a forum for earning revenue like never before, not only for those seeking a sustained income but also for individuals and businesses that can see the wisdom in using this system. Everyone wins!

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