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Truth Seekers Unite

They approached their enslavement from a variety of perspectives. Many were gripped by fear and confusion, leading them to seek favor with their captors by obediently following their commands. Some would never understand the reasons for their conditions. They remained mentally and spiritually enslaved for many years, as predicted by Willy. Others, unable to bear the thought of bondage, chose death over a life of slavery, sacrificing themselves to the hungry sharks trailing the slave ships and starvation.

However, among the enslaved were those infused with the wisdom of their ancestors. They found solace in their beliefs, embracing a spirit of redemption in the afterlife, much like their forebears, who left behind monuments and symbols of their existence. These individuals embodied the spirit of God through Ma’at, refusing to be deceived by oppressive narratives. Instead, they used their ordeal to fortify their minds and souls, recognizing that their bodies may have been stolen, but their inner strength remained unshaken.

Even today, some of the descendants of the people of Kemet understand the significance of constructing enduring monuments and artifacts. They view these creations NOT as a curse, as some may perceive, but as a testament to the greatness of their ancestors. If a person acknowledging the truth about the people of Kemet is deemed a curse, then it is a curse of their own making, born out of their inability to confront reality.

The notion of a divine curse serves only to divert attention from the truth, much like the distortion found in the Negro Slave Bible. However, the narrative is far from over. A shift in perspective, a change in fundamental assumptions, is underway. The blessings are enormous! It is imperative to remain vigilant and continue seeking truth.


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