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Educated Fools

In these tumultuous times, some tremble at the shadows cast by uncertainty. But let me be clear: had I not unlocked the portal's secrets to antiquity, I, too, would have been trapped by the whispers of impending doom.

Pay heed, for the "portal to antiquity" is no mere flight of fancy—it is a realm of unparalleled wisdom and insight, a realm that demands your imagination to stretch beyond its limits. And while I offer you the key to this gateway, be warned: it requires a mind fueled by resilience and elasticity, for the truths you are about to encounter will challenge everything you thought you knew.

Let us first distinguish between intelligence and wisdom—a distinction that holds the very essence of our journey. Intelligence, you see, is acquiring knowledge, a mere accumulation of facts. But wisdom? Wisdom is the discernment born of experience, the ability to observe and decipher the complexities of life.

In the annals of history, a term exists: "the educated fool." This term once brought laughter to the lips of my elders. But make no mistake, for beneath its facade lies a profound truth. Wisdom guides us toward the light in a world where falsehoods often obscure the truth.

Consider my journey, fraught with ridicule and misunderstanding. From the hills of West Virginia to the hallowed halls of the Marine Corps, I have traversed a path paved with the pursuit of truth. Through tears and laughter, I have emerged with a clarity of purpose: to uncover the truths hidden in history's shadows.

But beware of the curses that lurk within the tombs of antiquity, for with every revelation comes the risk of self-exposure. Our ancestors, brilliant though they were, understood this all too well. They foresaw when their identities would be laid bare for the world, yet they built monuments to their afterlife that testify to their enduring legacy.

So, I implore you, dear listener, to heed my words cautiously. As we stand on the precipice of a new era, let us not succumb to the temptation of rewriting history to suit our narratives. Let us instead embrace the truths that lie buried beneath the sands of time, for only then can we hope to build a future worthy of our ancestors' legacy.

Just, John


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