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Benefits of Hate

Hate is an emotion for which there is little support for its existence. Ask a hater why does he or she hate and you will receive an incoherent answer. It is an emotion that is fomented by a false ideology. People that hate on most occasions form their opinions from external sources.

Hate is negative energy. It is easy captured, harnessed and converted into positive fuel to be used by those affected. Those who speak words of hate and perform hateful acts, and those collaborating with them eventually lose vital energy necessary for life functioning. Hate soon devours the human spirit.

The Collaborators

It never ceases to amaze me that some that consider themselves devout Christians can easily collaborate with haters for a season to acquire specific financial endeavors. These are the people that attempt to make God in their image in spite of their touting to the contrary. Many of them believe that God resides in in books, buildings and the sky bye and bye. They fail to look into their hearts where God truly resides but prefer to listen to the words of charlatans and money grubbers.

It is sometimes stressful for me to watch members of Congress and senators contorted in distress as they ignore the tap on the shoulders by God. Sometimes the tap is more firm and involves their family members, health, and finances. Once they break ranks with evil and reach for excellence, and most times they will find it.

Rewards and Benefits

Contrary to public belief hate provides potential physical, mental and spiritual acumen's. There are ancient coveted techniques that can subdue hate, and extract energy from that place. Negative energy converted into positive fuel for extraordinary physical, mental, and physical excellence is beneficial for all.

Enhance your life. Convert hate energy into positive fuel.

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