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Can America Handle its TRUTH?


Yes. I mean a resounding yes! The greatest fear of the perpetrators of these lies is that America will handle the truth. I have known this from the time that I was a child. Many of our parents and grandparents have been hinting at this constantly. Some even prayed for it. I have quietly listened to the prayers of my mother for most of my tender years. "Lord, let those white people know the truth so that we can be free." She believed that our freedom was highly dependent upon the truth.

When I was a child, it wasn't very clear to me. I did not understand the value of honesty. Although I never consciously addressed the importance of it, honesty excited my spirit! It was something special about honesty. Our parents rewarded us more so us for being honest when we were children. Unlike other families that we associated with, honesty in our family was the essential ingredient to success.

I realized that I was more sincere in comparison with most people. When I was in the Marine Corps, my nickname was "The Good Head." I just called it as I saw it. Some said that I was naïve, others soft, and some even recently called me "loony." Words have never bothered me unless they were true. I know who I am. Thank God and Nature.

Oh I Forgot!

Sometimes I forget that I am providing information about Channeling, Harnessing, and Converting negative energy into positive wherewithal. Excuse me. I have been surprisingly distracted. I am so excited by what is occurring right now, especially the unveiling of the Tulsa massacre. I have been channeling this little nugget for some time. Newly released information is outstanding and very, very, very important! This information makes my job much more manageable.

Mitch McConnel is a Jewel. His eagerness to block the 1619 Project is revealing to us. But, it only shows us the power of our ancestors' assertions in living color. Thank You, Mitch! Now we can see how it is blocked and who is blocking it.

I am not going to provide you with anything further in this blog. I have provided enough for you to grasp by osmosis. So now, all that you are required to do is re-read this blog. However, to continue your exercise program, I will introduce a motherload of information to you in my next blog.

Keep on living and loving.

Just, John right up front.


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