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"Deliver Us from Evil"

I had little freedom but plenty of love from my family, parents, and friends when I was a child. This environment sustained and protected us. It seems like forever I have listened to and heard others pray for the deliverance of Evil intensely. I once was so naïve until I believed that this deliverance would come by my simply praying.

My mother had huge faith! She constantly read her King James Version of the Holy Bible until she believed in miracles. She had difficulty explaining, however, our position in life as black people. I stopped asking when I was ten because it hurt me to see the pain on mom's face every time I asked. I lied! I said Mom I didn't want to go swimming anyhow. I just wanted to know why I could not go.

This deliverance from Evil thing was not something that important to me during early stages of my life. I was blind to Evil and just about everything else. Although I experienced some unusually horrific situations, and saw some perverse sights during my childhood, I could still not for some reason associate them with Evil from a biblical perspective. At that time, I thought of sin as having something to do with the devil. Boy, was I wrong!

Period of Enlightenment

I served four years in the Marine Corps and processed some real crazy stuff in my head while in Viet Nam also, but I still could never associate it with Evil. On the contrary, I believed that it was my duty to protect my country from its enemies, foreign or domestic. If I had to kill someone or die doing it, then so be it. I was proud as could be and a United States Marine, and that was my job! My being part of the United States government was special to me and still is. Although somewhat disappointed, It makes me feel good until this day!


I was feeling good! I Just hit LA from Nam, still alive and have both of my legs. Looking pretty, in my dress green uniform, I was carrying my sea bag, walking down Flower Street singing loud, headed toward Western Union to pick up some of the dough that my mother held for me while I was in the war. Then, from nowhere, this guy approaches me, clears his throat, and spat in my face. He called me a killer! I would be in jail right now if I could have caught this guy because, at that time, I was not thinking very straight when it came to fighting.

Later I discovered that people did not like people that served In Viet Nam. I was fit to be tied! I felt that if there was a definition for Evil, this was it. I was so angry until I sat on the sidewalk downtown Los Angeles and cried. I would not let my anger stop me however. I sucked it up. It made me more determined. Right then, I walked into Western Union and I applied for a job. They hired me immediately. I started work that same evening. I wondered how that happened all in the same moment?

It was somewhat difficult for me to rent an apartment. I was naïve to believe that wearing my Dress Greens would enhance my obtaining an apartment. That trick did not work! Later, to my chagrin, I stopped wearing it. My bubble was popped quickly. I discovered that I was still a second-class citizen with little value regardless of my patriotism. I finally located an apartment in a very depressed area of LA right across the street from a funeral home. Perhaps this was best. I learned a lot.

Alone In That Great Big City

I was all alone, with no relatives or friends in this great big city. I knew nothing about living in a town. Except for a few places in the Corp, I had always lived in the coalfields. So I had a lot to learn. I hit the jackpot! I met Doug! Doug an I had similar family history. He loved his family and we talked about them often. Doug was a city boy and he took great pride in teaching me, the old Hillbilly, the ropes. He has been my friend ever since. Doug and I attended the same college; we worked at the same jobs, and later run the same successful business for 20 years. Both of us learned something vitally important in our Black History class on the same day at the same time in 1974. It changed our lives!

We learned about Willy and Jimmy. Doug and I discussed these two characters for many years. Many are unable to even listen to Willy's message in his letter without total dismay. Doug and I used it as a stepping stone because we realized that we were the targets in Willy's letter. Willy was talking about us. He also seemed to love Jimmy. You remember James, the one my mother loved so much? Doug and I determined that Willy and Jimmy seemed to have the same plan in mind. After learning this, we stepped out of the box. We were children. We had to learn. "He who knows not but knows that he knows not is a child – Teach him! I finally learned about Evil. I did not know where to find the delivery mechanism, however. Remember "Deliver us from Evil"? I needed to find it.


It took many years to locate. It came little at a time for many years, after serious examination of past events. First, I studied Willy's plan, and then I scrutinized Jimmy's version of things that my mother loved so much. A light came on! I stopped, looked, and listened to all contributors. So many were prophets living among us. I remembered! "A prophet is not recognized in his own land"! They told stories about "spilling the beans" and other statements and axioms of yore that lifted my spirits to yet another level. Their language was so much clearer after I had read Willy's letters. It now makes good sense. Words of wisdom shared with me in front of a coal-burning fireplace have become the most important words that I have ever heard. They unveil the truth! They always said: "The TRUTH will set us FREE! Now it is available in living color 24/7/365! Thank God!

The Good Part

Some have done everything that they can to prevent transparent history in America. Many of us already know why. Unfortunately, many have been so programmed until they cannot handle truth, therefore they attempt to hide their history. Nonetheless, nature and God has provided clarity by imbedding a vaccine deep in the genes of the most tortured of human-beings whomever they are!

Now we all have the opportunity to release ourselves from a subtle curse that is so self-destructive. Nature has laws and we must all obey them!

Many years have been in the making for nature to create a vaccine against Evil. We are blessed to be part of a group of people to make this all possible. Although our ancestors bore a heavy burden for this blessing, it is now available for the entire planet to enjoy. It has taken God and Nature more than 400 years to release this sublime product that will "deliver us from evil"! God and nature has a balance that we can always depend upon and never worry. Our blessings will be available for the world to see!

We know that we know – Follow us.


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