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Hunter Captured by the Game?

Who's Working?

Some are foolish enough to believe that they are in control because they have the money! I beg to differ. During the Covid19 pandemic, we watched some hide behind computer firewalls and VPNs as they spewed lies to the gofers. The gofers are the minorities and underprivileged whites who worked at the grocery stores and drove buses, Uber, and taxicabs. They worked as doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers. They laid their lives out on the line as the programmers and programmed spew lies, deceit and used any corrupted program that they could to coax the gofers to "Turn those machines back on." They could care less about the gofers that continue to perform extraordinarily.

The stinky money, tricks, deception, and confusion are blinding. Some cooked up and bought lies and deceived themselves. Once the proverbial dog whistle sounded, those affected by the program came from under every rock. They forgot that they, too, were human. Still, they disrespected just about every other human being on Earth. People once trusted became suspects. They forgot a few things, however!

Excess Labor

Corporations measured success by the strengths of their labor forces for many years. Companies bragged about how many employees they possessed. We have seen a trend in mergers and company buyouts recently. Outsourcing, robotics, computers, and the like have also tipped the scales. Still, companies complain that there are many job vacancies unfilled. How can this occur? Some scream that the Recovery Act doled too much money to working families, causing a dip in people willing to work. Is this true? Some say that people are more intelligent. They refuse to work for pennies any longer as there are various means of earning a buck without risking one's life.

Some company owners have become wise enough to know that good employees are hard to find. When you find one, pay him properly. The old slavemaster employers are struggling to continue debunked old practices to their chagrin. If they take your vote, they can force you to work for peanuts while they cruise away in their yachts. They still believe that keeping people dumb and broke works. If one cannot vote, the money-grubbers think that they can intimidate poor and minority people back to slave labor. Slave, cheap, suppressed, and unleveraged labor markets have been the key to the "American Dream" for a few.

What's Next?

Some still believe that fear is the way forward. They begin being as harsh and cruel as possible. This fear-mongering is an age-old trick used on Slaves in the 1700s. This mentality still exists. They build walls, block off the borders from the Mexicans, stop the Muslims from entering the country, etc., etc., etc. to provoke fear. They overrun the Capital building, then lie about it while the world watches. Excuse me. I forgot these things have already happened. Now comes the real deal.

Will the Critical Jobs Market Hold Up?

Some have all this money and many businesses, but they cannot find anyone to do the work. They failed to remember that most that work are minorities, underprivileged whites, or Mexicans. Some people believe that they can hold all of the money produced for themselves, and still run a successful business. I do not think so.

Doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, and others on the firing line are getting fed up. They work hard every day to support organizations run by tyrants and crooks. Why should they not run their own hospitals? I am sure that many will help them. People are sick and tired of thieves running just about everything because of their wealth or lies about wealth.

Labor will no longer be the same. If minorities cannot vote, why should they work for people who do everything they can to stop them from voting? Other entrepreneurs are now forming companies, as I type, that will replace antiquated companies with slave mentality owners. People of good standing will have a choice from whence to purchase their wares and offer their labor.

The Dogs are Out!

Intelligent people are not flashing their money and guns or creating mobs. They are quietly preparing for the inevitable. A select few are scrambling to position themselves to profit from the confusion, as they know that companies NEED a labor force and a receptive market to be successful. Many have the people and technology to direct the necessary grunt to compete with any company by using pure people power. The most egregious companies will be surprised when their employees and customers are gone elsewhere, and their mobs' guns mysteriously stop firing! The game can also play the game!

Just, John


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