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Isometric Excellence

Most are unaware of the continuous research being undertaken in the study of the Isometric abilities of people who are the ancestors of those who have suffered undue restriction of physical, mental, and spiritual activities for a sustained period.

Miriam Webster defines isometric tension as follows: of, relating to, involving, or being muscular contraction (as in isometrics) against resistance, without significant shortening of muscle fibers, and with a marked increase in muscle tone. This definition relates to physical activity exclusively.  From this perspective, some sagacious people have equated this with mental and spiritual activity.

The Victims

People have been profiled and marred by the wicked from the beginning. Some have been denigrated because of the color of their skin. Others have been abused and misused because of those in power’s interpretations and misinterpreting religions, beliefs, cults, etc. There have been many wars that have occurred because some believe that their religions are superior to others etc. etc., etc.

People who place more emphasis on power and wealth in the physical realm are remiss in understanding what is taking place in other dimensions. They still foolishly believe that all spoils go to the victors. This is why it is paramount that one is cognizant of the consequences of their ancestors’ misgivings.


Some may ask, what do our ancestors have to do about it? Genetics! This phenomenon is still new and very exciting for modern humans. However, the underlying premises for this study have been in play for eons. The people of Kemet, for example, were more concerned about the afterlife than life itself. Their beliefs were not religions, as they did not demand a particular structure but were based upon the belief that there was a God and that this God demanded all respect. Therefore, as is today, each human being is responsible for their salvation, not a belief, cult, or religion. Consequently, they dedicated enormous energy not to creating weapons of war but monuments of peace designed to please God.

Many who came after the people of KT had different mindsets. They believed that things of this world (physical) were more critical. They disregarded the beliefs of those dedicated to salvation. For many seasons, they thought that they were more powerful and essential. They threatened and raged wars against the people of Kemet, raided their tombs, and confiscated their worldly belongings and everything else of value, such as their technology and the like. They waged many wars against the material worlds of those who viewed life as a sojourn exclusively and the afterlife as necessary. They defiled the burial places of people who have built monuments, statutes, artifacts, hieroglyphics, and pyramids, to name a few, that still exist, all designed to honor God.

What does Kemet's culture have to do with the use of isometric energy? I could have used The Holocaust, Slavery, or the Trail of Tears as examples of people who have acquired tremendous mental and spiritual acumens as a result of their ancestors' longsuffering. Still, I use Kemet as an example because information about KT has been coveted for a long time. Many of us are unfamiliar with its influence on our culture today; more is to come.

What’s In the Pipeline?

I am not a prophet by no stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, anyone with common sense can understand basic logic if their minds are not befuddled with nonsense. Let us look at people in our society who endure sustained stress by simply thinking about the toils of their ancestors. Some envision nightmares once they associate the longsuffering of their ancestors with current rhetoric and fat-mouthing by people in very high places. Those absent these feelings may beg to differ, but they are irrelevant. Those enduring these perverse feelings are mostly unaware that they are ancestorial or genetic, using modern-day technology.

If we can look at this from afar, we will be remiss if we are unable to determine the difference between how a rock can become a diamond by enormous pressure and how a human being's suppression, oppression, and depression can cause him or her to resist this in ways that are not registered in the minds of those ignorant to these things.

The flow has begun! Those untutored in observing life from more than one perspective will miss the boat and be bewildered about what is now taking place before the eyes of many wise observers.  Some believe that there will be a change in basic assumptions. Others will default to the ways of the programming that they obtained through their ancestors, despite God’s admonitions.

Isometric energy is push-back and will become even more profound as the truth is unveiled. Unfortunately, to their chagrin, some will know the truth but cannot handle it.





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