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Mixing the Salad

Most are unaware

Our unique studies unveil many secrets not addressed by conventional historians. One discovery changes the ballgame. We have found evidence that gene mutation once believed to be present exclusively in descendants of African slaves is now considered transferable through the mixing of blood through birth. Although the gene mutation occurred because of intense physical, mental, and spiritual depression, suppression, and oppression for many centuries, the transformation still metastasized into the general population.

If more than 70 percent of Americans can convert negative energy into positive success, then the battle is already won. All that is required is for the American people to know these facts. Who would not desire to have the ability to change harmful to good? When the conversion is complete, this is what occurs.

They Know Not that They Know Not

It is challenging to explain things that one cannot taste, see, smell, touch, or hear. Still, some things exist far beyond our understanding. How does one explain to people programmed for the evil that exposing this evil provides negative energy harnessed, channeled, and converted into positive success by other fortunate people?

The Table is Set

I am not making a prediction, and the proof comes after eating the pudding. I am simply saying that God and nature have provided us with the ability to subdue all negative influences by knowing the truth. Once we embrace the TRUTH, we will ALL be free. Slavery did not alter the physical position of the enslaved exclusively, but also the mental and spiritual. The stench of it, however, affected those enslaved and their captors. The old African Slave has once again provided the world with knowledge unbeknownst to most as most cannot comprehend the good and evil and ugly about slavery. Now the entire planet can rejoice!

Regardless of color, creed, religion, or national origin, we all can subdue evil, negative energy. It is just a matter of knowledge, and the Pharaohs knew that the world would be enlightened when their remains were exposed.

Join the free!

Just John


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