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No Love for Me? Newborn Orphan's Prayer

I am fully awake lying here cold trembling and all alone. I thought that someone would notice me, but everyone is gone. Where did they go? It appeared that two people came and picked up everyone else and they got a hug and a kiss, but I’m here all alone. Would someone tell me what did I miss?

Soon I realized, and it was clear to see that no one was going to kiss me or even give me a name, I quickly learned at one-day-old things would not be the same, for me as others born on this very same day. If I had anything to do with it, I would have thrown it all away. I mean I would have avoided all the torture on this very special day if I only had a voice to say NO, I do not want to play!

Nevertheless, for hours I waited and anticipated that maybe things would change. I looked across the room and something looked very strange. I was shocked to see another baby just like me crying very loud and no one seemed to care. Later, I found that there were two of us that had no family there.

I looked and him, and he looked at me and I felt exactly what neither of us could say, but we talked for hours without a sound on this most infamous birthday! I understood that very first day that things would be difficult for me, and it was plain to see, on that very first birthday there would be no love for me!

Just, John


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