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What it is?

A few years ago, I found the need to develop a word to describe how to make sense of purchasing for profit. How can one make money from engaging in the sales process? Barter has been part of American society since its inception. It continues to rare its beauty each time we decide to make a purchase. The difference between then and now is there are so many offers until most consumers are confused. This confusion is the very reason why I coined the phrase Purchology.

There is very little doubt about the products that we need or desire. There is a problem with choosing the offer that is most beneficial for the specific consumer. Wisdom becomes increasingly essential in making these choices as time progresses. Why?

Vote with your dough?

One would be brain-dead to miss what is occurring with Democracy. One group of people believe that they can completely ignore most Americans and control the government by fiat. They mistakenly believe that their control of wealth will subdue the voting class of Americans. They forgot that America is a capitalistic society.

Fortunately, we can vote with our dollars if all else fails. Voting in this fashion requires a conscience when purchasing (Purchology). We are now obligated to buy only from companies or individuals that support the US. Not some other entity. They may make many offers, but we must learn to reject any proposal that does not support our cause.

How Do We Do It?

We have watched them merge, automate, outsource and do every trick in the book to control the wealth and destiny of hundreds of millions of desperate people. Their CEOs live in homes that could house entire communities and they receive dividends thousands of times larger than their salaried employees. These companies pay little taxes but exert their muscle to enact laws that will support them exclusively.

Some are suggesting that people form organizations to separate the good guys from the bad. Doing so allows us a clear choice to determine from whom we purchase or wares. We must do due diligence in separating the wheat from the chaff. This is not an easy task. Therefore we must concentrate our efforts upon the technology designed to assist in this endeavor. We must make purchases from known allies!

Why would anyone wish to make purchases from companies that pollute our environment or cause climate change if this is what we stand for? Why would anyone buy their paper towels or toothpaste from a company that wishes them not to vote and continuously support suppressing the vote? One will be surprised at how simply "saying no" changes the ballgame. There are Patriotic companies standing with the American people and they are poised to fill the gap! Indulge them at all costs!

There are many suggestions on the table that are refreshing. We must learn to organize and be stalwart in our opinions. We must ferret out the good from the bad from the ugly. All Americans must devote themselves to Democracy or lose it.

There is a tangled web of companies attempting to split hairs by donating to various political efforts. This dishonesty must not deceive us. Unite with your fellow citizens! We can make a big difference by curtailing our purchasing habits. Get in contact with a local group leader that can advise you and your family about companies that promote voter suppression and other self-serving actions. The Holy Bible tells us about serving two masters. They must make a choice, or the people must choose for them.

Many Blessings,

Just, John


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