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Test of the Spirit

Some are very amusing to their followers and those standing by waiting to channel every evil word that comes from their mouths or every untoward action they take and convert them to goodness. Preparers of illusions know nothing about what is secretly happening to them, and we cannot expect them to see, for they have emerged themselves into an untenable dimension of fantasy. This unknown factor is poised to change the entire planet Earth.

Faulty Beliefs

Some people believe that for success, all that is necessary is for them to make a statement and acquire a large following to promote said statement with buckets of cash. Whether true or false, the number of followers will tip the scales or bend the arc in favor of truth. Yes. This is true. The numbers will count until the time arrives when spirits are tested by events that demand the truth. This is a foregone conclusion!

Following Ma'at, grief is likely to occur if one is not in balance with it, Ma'at! They will flail helplessly for recognition, but NOONE will believe them any longer, for they would have defied the mandates of all Gods - THE TRUTH. Their minds will become one with tyrants and dictators, and they will be willing to salvage the entire planet and all humankind for a mere whim, knowing that the process is not that simple, even with the advent of nuclear weapons. Why? It is easy to understand why if you know God has programmed humans in God's nature. Humans have no choice!

Will Truth Prevail?

Unbelievably God will determine when the Earth no longer exists! Not man, and especially not by one man. The misguided often fool themselves into being fearless, but fear will soon become their worst enemy. If they continue to douse fear upon others, fear will quickly devour them, for they will live out their fears in their minds and believe them to be valid unless they come in balance with Ma'at, Nature, the Earth, the Cosmos, the Universe, and finally God.

Now the Planet can Observe

Look at them! It is already happening. God has blessed us now with devices so we can observe these things occurring in living color from the comforts of our living rooms. Praise God! Who in their right mind would attempt to overthrow a powerful institution such as the Capitol of The United States of America with a profoundly severe army, let alone a bunch of lonely, rudderless individuals following a small group of senile leaders? Who will be their leader, and who will trust him or her? Even liars do not trust other liars. Guaranteed he or she will strip the pot dry of cash before the first move is made. Power and money attract them to lose all touch with reality. There is NO honor among thieves! That's the nature of the beast - all for me and to hell with all else. They will soon devour themselves, regardless of what occurs. They are known for their "fruits"!


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