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The Power of Humiliation

The Holy Bible speaks of the Meek inheriting the Earth about 100 times. Most noteworthy is Matthew 5:5 . “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”  Many of us are familiar with the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16:19-31. Others believe that the 42 Admissions of Maat provides truth. The 14th Admission of Maat states that: “I have not felt sorrow without reason.” 

Although statements from the Holy Bible and Maat emphasize pleasing God, some humans are more interested in debating where the source of belief comes from rather than seeing the similarities in the beliefs. They fight and argue about words designed to please God, exclusively to support their narratives.

The Pity Party

Although they have been privy to most pleasures sought by most, such as health, wealth, power, and prestige, to name a few, they are still not satisfied.  They have tormented others all over the planet Earth with their weapons of destruction, either on an individual or massive basis. They have programmed their minds and the minds of their children to believe that they are superior. Now, the words of the scriptures are “coming home to roost.”  The Planet has watched them with utter disdain for eons. Now, they wish to bond with the depressed and humiliated. They now realize the inherent power of being humble and meek and wish to join the party.

Reverse Stockholm Syndrome

People who have mentally, physically, and emotionally destroyed the lives of millions of people not of their kind for many centuries are now asking the Planet to believe that they are the ones who have been abused. They are now emulating the enslaved for the express purpose of receiving pity and forgiveness. 

Some have lost their minds! (This is my mom's statement). They have not used their senses and have relied upon the beliefs in one person or one thing. They have now lost their compass.  This is what occurs when we conduct ourselves in a fashion that is not pleasurable to God. 

Maat states that when one does not please God, this person can expect grief!  We are now watching almost one-half of our nation in total grief. Many are committing acts that they would have never done before.  Many of them are imprisoned within their heads. They are oblivious that their sordid conduct is siphoning their spirit from many dimensions. Their foes are being strengthened by their sordid conduct.  Still, some believe that their acts of evil will bail them out. They are doubling down and staying the course despite the admonitions of God and nature! 

Keep watching! Why not grab a bag of popcorn and soda pop as you do? Continue being humble and blessed, forever! Prepare for the paradigm shift! Check out what is causing all of this malarky at

Just John,


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