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The Trifecta

Bet for profit!

In prior seasons I possessed knowledge and intelligence but lacked wisdom. In those days, no one could convince me that I could not make bets on horse racing and profit. After years of trial and error, I was convinced the trifecta was the safest bet in horse racing.

Most horse races consist of approximately twelve horses, many times less, but in the big races, often more. Nonetheless, I believed I could box three or four horses and succeed in my earnings. Like most playing the horses, I was convinced that a peep in the Racing Form or an odd trim capping would send me to the cashier’s window to pick up cash.

After years of betting the trifecta, I learned that odd capping and handicapping horses’ past performances were less effective than if I picked three or four numbers at random, made a bet, and my earnings were more profitable. In other words, I discovered that any number could win, but when one omits the skills of handicapping and odd capping, the profits are much higher. I soon realized that this way of playing horses was unscientific, and I was just another fool donating money to rich people for the thrill of victory, not realizing the agony of defeat. One can say what he or she will or may. Still, the trifecta proved the most effective bet providing one picks numbers randomly and makes a bet.

Winning Horse

Today, I speak of yet another trifecta. This trifecta is even more profitable. The principles are like horse racing. There is always a lure. Shiny objects attract the most attention. They scream from the rafters to get one's attention. They shake their booties, wave their arms, wink their eyes, and throw you a kiss as they steal your wallet. Even fools know better than to approach them, you would think.

Winning requires energy. Our planet’s most reliable resource is energy and its abundant presence. The most reliable aspect of power is it is static. It never changes but can be generated by many different sources and methods. Surprisingly, energy remains the same regardless of whence it comes. This is the good news!

Human beings have done many studies concerning energy. We have spent considerable time developing technologies to extract energy from nature. Where else? Entrepreneurs, colleges, and universities globally are vehemently scouring the Earth searching for energy sources as I write this blog. Are they looking for power in all the wrong places? Who am I to say?

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

It has been stated eloquently in many treaties of good that “Things that are seen are temporary, and things not seen are forever lasting.” Many of us are reminded of these things in our subconscious minds. Nonetheless, many still refuse to embrace these humble findings.

In our journey to living, some of us have been blessed with wisdom from our ancestors through our genetic makeup. The old folks call it “mother wit.” If they were betting people, they would put their bottom dollar on the fact that mother wit was a blessing from God, exclusively. One must be well-seasoned to possess this type of wisdom. I’m not speaking of seasoning by age but by abundant living proof.

Many spend years in colleges and universities acquiring knowledge but can NEVER obtain the intelligence necessary for wisdom. This is why we see many well-educated people all over the globe unable to unravel mysteries of the past like the Pyramids, etc. Some will pretend to possess an understanding of these things only to make others believe that they are wise. Curtis Mayfield, the songwriter, called them educated fools from uneducated schools.

The Deceivers

Many possess a boatload of cash; others pretend to own stars. Some hold themselves out to be wise by their inventions, many of which are stolen or purchased dirt cheaply from unsuspecting victims. Some extort huge bounties from ignorant people locked in periods for which they know nothing but are stirred to believe they were significant. Some prominent media outlets spew lies globally for the sole purpose of deception.


There are huge differences between knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom. Today I speak of wisdom exclusively as some are confused and believe they have the “cow by the tail” once they acquire knowledge. Knowledge is objective. One can obtain college degrees from all levels of learning. Ownership of these degrees allegedly portrays one’s knowledge. How many degrees must one possess to declare that one has the prerequisite for wisdom?

Oh, I forgot!

I’m observing the trifecta from years, centuries, or even millenniums. It has a basis from whence it comes, and its probative value is immense. We are now observing an energy resource that has not been seen for eons. We are now watching TRUTH exposed in the raw. For eons, this TRUTH has been hidden in the bushes. People wore masks over their eyes and sheets over their heads, hiding this evil from all human consumption. Unfortunately for them, they could not hide their evil ways from God, and God allowed it to be recorded in the genetic makeup of many souls.

Massive Energy

The vast “news media outlet,” the once leader of the free world, and the wealthiest man alive are all triangulating? This speaks volumes! This has not been accomplished since Khufu and Khafre. Some believed that they built the Pyramids. We are not educated well enough to prove our knowledge of these things, but sometimes little birdies can carry vital messages, and even the dung beetle has its importance.

Many have discovered that there is energy in our thoughts! It would take enormous power to develop a new media outlet that reaches all corners of the Earth. Becoming president of the most powerful country on Earth would require a lot of energy. Imagine the power it would need to become Earth's wealthiest and most intelligent person.

They had no books. It is a fact that they were not allowed to read, but they still possessed the wisdom to understand that there is energy in thought. They also understood that evil thoughts provide detached power capable of being harnessed and used for many positive purposes. They had many years to indulge in evil to understand that negative energy produced by evil acts and thoughts must be channeled. They later understood that negative energy must be directed toward them for it to be a viable resource. Once they conducted this energy and obtained its direction, they could mentally convert it to positive energy and use it for good purposes.

People globally are now learning about lies they once believed true. These lies have harmed many people. People have died, are incarcerated, lost colossal wealth, and last but not least, are stirred away from God by lies perpetrated for profit and power.

The trifecta is GOOD and a blessing from God! It is the most potent source of negative energy ever known to humankind. Thank God many people of all colors, creeds, and national origins can convert this colossal energy resource into positive wherewithal. Unfortunately for some, their hearts will harden, and they will miss this global cleansing.

Just, John


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