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Transform Physical Energy Using Mental Suggestions

Life Changing Stuff

Forced conditions enable the human brain to mitigate the blur between physical and mental activity. We must master the art of mitigation! First, we must condition our minds to accept that mental suggestions can mimic many actions that we engage physically. A constant diet of meaningful acrobats can accomplish this conditioning. Some may resist even the notion of having to learn a new technique. Some may view this as laborious! However, we can assure you that once you start using our procedures, your entire life will change right before your eyes. You will take to it like a fish takes to water!

Many philosophies relate to God. The attitude most prevalent in the US is Hobbesian philosophy. This philosophy uses Christianity that believes Christ is the savior of all humanity. There are other European philosophies, however. The Spinoza air thought that God was omnipresent and all physical objects were God. Descartes, another European philosopher, believed that there was a thin line between a dream and reality.

We believe that Descartes' philosophy is more appropriate when we embark upon our journey to perfection.

Teachings of the Elders

We have obtained a mountain of evidence on how suppression, oppression, depression, etc., can affect the human brain. I have sat in front of a coal-burning fireplace and listened to our elders tell us the stories of our brave ancestors while they were captive in slavery! It was illegal for allow slaves to read or write. What a loss! We have performed many years of research to provide you with a bounty of wisdom straight from the mouths of people who witnessed this horror! They have many stories of how they survived atrocious conditions not even depicted in the Holy Bible! Their stories are sad, entertaining, uplifting and provide us with the necessary insight for our salvation.

Who spilled the beans?

I realize that I am somewhat obsessed with the idea of Channeling, Harnessing, and Converting negative energy into positive resolve. There is a reason for this. Our elders spoke of a time that we would experience the unveiling of truth. Our elected officials have provided us enormous wherewithal through their irresponsible conduct to alert us that the time is nigh! They continue to obviously lie, thereby revealing what people have always believed about them, but now we have living proof. This only confirms that they know not that they know not!

Slaves believed that once their masters, more or less, spilled the beans, the slaves would be able to capture their spirits. The translation that we have obtained only reveals that to capture the spirit meant that the slaves could 'convert their evil spirit into good'! They explained that a sign would come. The atmosphere would change, and people would attempt to cover lies with lies. They would become brutal. They would turn against themselves and all others. Their children would reject them, and also reject their sacred religions. Fathers would turn against sons and mothers would turn against daughters. They would turn from God!

We must understand that in past years, people were more basic. They believed that God exists! They even believed in repenting for their misgivings. Man has allowed wealth and well-being for the moment to dictate his direction. He has now become a slave to his conscience. The design of his every move is to cover the tracks of the past. Our ancestors spoke of these days to come. It is of essence that all humanity subdue Evil! Our ancestors taught us how to survive man's corruption. It has taken many years, but now the "the beans are out of the bag"!

Step One

Imagination is our best friend. For more than 400 years, black people have imagined total freedom. From the time that our ancestors stepped from the belly of that slave ship, they realized one thing. FREEDOM is a necessity!

We have learned that release comes in many dimensions. Imagine being shackled to the wooden floor of a vessel filled with bile and vermin. The smell was so incredible that for 200 miles, the smell remained. Freedom from the shackles was the first relief. Space for the slaves came little at a time. I am sure by now that you get the picture. Slaves used their telepathy to take them to a place of relief! These people, believe it or not, were required to experience life from a place of imagination. I will ask you to take just a one-month journey with me. I will take you to places where you can reach out and kiss your dream. I will show you how to translate a thought into reality.

Acrobats, Exercise Xexertion

Make a list of all of the physical acrobats that you are capable of performing, such as Push-ups, side straddle hops, pull-ups, knee bends, leg spreaders, etc. Once you have completed this list, I will explain how to use these exercises in my next blog. If you have NEVER exercised, we will provide you with other chores that you can use to produce the necessary effects. Do not concern yourself at this time with the word "Xexertion". This is a phrase that I coined sometime ago. It refers to the absence of stress.

I guess by now, you are wondering what acrobats have to do with Channeling, Harnessing, and Converting negative energy into positive resolve. Bare with me. Read more of my blogs, and soon it will all come together. One must retain the proper state of mind to benefit from this program.

I realize that I mention slavery frequently in my messaging. There is no evil intent by my doing so. I can only explain from whence I have obtained my assertions. This process works with any race, creed, or color. One, however, must be capable of releasing all bias and accept unmitigated truth at face value.

We are living in critical times. Thank God for the old African Slave. This humble creature has once again enabled us to make a good mark on America, and thusly the planet Earth. Join this historic event. I promise you I will spill the beans and give you everything that I have. I will make you a promise, but bear in mind that I am a 76 year old man. I realize that my grace comes from God. If God allows, I will provide you with weekly updates to our CHC (Channel, Harness, and Conversion procedures. I have faith that God will bless me to accomplish this mission!

All of us need this information!


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