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"…When Lies Reveal the TRUTH!

Virtual Reality

I was astonished when I first looked into a virtual reality device. All that I observed in this device was amazingly real! There was one thing missing, and however, that assured me that I was only looking into an artificial device. The missing element was the knowledge of my using a device.

We can speak past each other all day long and say that others live in virtual worlds, but our world is better! Some will still argue that their "truths" are more accurate than others. Those with big horns or the money to buy them fervently toot these horns and rattle their sabers for world attention. This annoying noise proposes to convince others of their integrity.

The misinformed rich and famous are now falsely convinced of a world where people will follow them to the end of time. They surmise that all necessary is to spread the word, and they will be putty in their hands. People are tribal, and a feeling of truth quickly attract them. Feelings, however, are not knowledge, and they are only emotions that a whim can alter.

Educated Fool!

Most are uneducated but have the money to purchase an "education." Their intelligence remains veiled in their bank accounts. Many accept the tale of Henry Ford's Defamation trial, where Henry proved to the world that intelligence was at the tip of his fingers. This story was very amusing during Henry Fords' days. Today, anyone can obtain intelligence reasonably quickly. Intelligence, however, is not TRUTH. Knowledge provides intelligence through a thorough vetting, and few are more skillful in getting accurate knowledge than those whose lives depend upon it. Think about it!

Seasonal Shift

The days of the one-person show are now in our rearview mirrors, and success is no longer exclusively in control of those that possess the big horns or the big bankrolls. These guys now depend upon others in various fields of study. Wise people discover that success requires input from all points of view, shades, colors, and knowledge banks.

It is now time for America to awaken to a new form of intelligence never contemplated by our founding fathers but ironically set into motion by them. This new intelligence is unrecognizable to the senses but conforms with most treatises of TRUTH all over the planet Earth. Truth is in the air! Our ancestors spoke of these days to come. They often said that we will all be free when their lies reveal the truth!

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Just, John


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