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When We Stoop Low?

Do They Know?

It is not difficult to understand why some people cling to one dimension. The physical dimension is beautiful, and it is right in our faces. Other measurements such as mental and spiritual are more complex. Since our physical world is so apparent, most humans focus on things that we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our noses, taste with our tongues, and feel with our skin. Most humans cannot visualize other worlds.

Many treaties have been written about things not seen, but most of this context is religious scripture. Some have varied from religion. These fine authors emphasize mental programming and various other “secrets,” and concepts that bear enormous fruit. On most occasions, however, few embrace these theories completely.

We Are Not Sure

I want to answer the question in the affirmative. History leads me to believe to the contrary, however. For an extended period in history, people were aware of their past transgressions. They feared God and others knowing about their sordid histories.

Taking into consideration our new environment for the past five years, I am not sure anymore. Something in my spirit tells me that some historians purposely hid some of the most horrific deeds done by humankind to hide their pasts or cover their tracks. It becomes more evident in retrospect.

Everyone knows what happened, but few talks about the cruelties of slavery, Tulsa, etc., etc., etc. Why would one wish to hide his history? Do they want their children to NOT know about their history? I can understand this concern. I feel you! However, one is misinformed if he believes that hiding information from children is effective or healthy. Children are curious by nature—the growth process.

It Is Deeper Than Can Be Imagined!

I am going to let the “cat out of the bag.” One can do what they will or may with this information, but I am offering it selfishly because our entire society needs it so badly also. Like it or lump it. It still exists! I do not know how many years that slavery existed for black people. One's sojourn in slavery can be objective and, or subjective. It depends upon the individuals. Some black people are still in mental slavery up until this very moment. I know that it has been a learning experience never imagined by other races of people, as others have never experienced such fervor in simply living. Horrific Conditions endured by our ancestors were not mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Nevertheless, for approximately the past 70 years, I have been listening to a voice in my head that never leaves. As a child, I was told NOT to mention an event so horrifying until today, I tremble when I think of it. I am not going to discuss what I observed as some would not believe it. The wise ones understand and take heed, however. They know where I am coming from. This one image in my head has enabled me to discover things that few understand, and I will not try to explain them.

God has provided all of us with memory. This memory can be accurate or obscure. Still, the memory is there and never leaves. This memory can be sharpened however through simple acrobats. He who can see the past clearly can thusly alter the future. Some believe that they can change the past (history) by hiding information and telling horrific lies. This conduct is laughable but also very sad. It only exacerbates their challenge. Now, the children wish to know why if they are wise! The children are very much so.

Laws Of Reciprocity

Some of us are wise enough to understand the fundamental laws of nature, and others fail miserably. Those who fail do so because they are more concerned about personal interests. These people make discoveries that can enhance the planet, but they covet them for a unique advantage. People with this mindset will destroy their entire world for vanity, the devil's favorite sin.

Nature has a balance that one person nor a group can alter. God, however, has programmed all human beings to know the difference between good and evil. This wisdom is inherent in all humans. Most do not realize these things. Knowledge of these unique laws has enabled the most humble beings to change the world for the better.

Some people have lived in dimensions unbeknownst to others. Bondage, lies, and deceit were the fabrics that stitched together their worlds. Although they lived in a world surrounded by deception, their wisdom never failed and their visions were more clear, as they were wise enough to pass on a legacy despite their conditions of bondage. Adversity builds strength and tenacity. Four hundred years of lies, deceit, suppression, oppression, and depression of a people have enabled them to latch on to something that will save our world.

The Age of Mentality

We have unconsciously drifted into a new dimension. Many are programmed. Some are quietly losing the ability to discern the truth from lies, and they scream with displeasure. It saddened me to see affected and confused people storming the capital of our nation. They are so confused until they believe that they have been denied their freedom. This is totally absurd! This type of conduct occurs when we lose contact with reality. They will not only lose touch with reality, but they will also blur their connection to God. They will damn the world for their misgivings, and the world will respond with passion and love, something that will be difficult for them to understand. Fortunately, people of the world have peeped at their hold cards, but they continue to hold their hands tight to the vest of confusion for a season.

Our system is unique and REAL! We simply convert negative energy into positive wherewithal. Join us.

Just, John


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