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Rudolph and Me

Speaking for my great-grandmother!

They called him Rudolph, and he had a red nose; it was plain to see; it labels him wherever he goes, like you and me. When we heard talk about Rudolph, it made us feel better. Our lives seemed like his right to the letter. We were similar and it was easy to see, we thought that mercy would visit us the same as did he. But Rudolph was a hero, and we believed, that if we could only be heroes, we too would be well received.

Rudolph was not like the others, and everyone knew that before that one stormy Christmas Eve, Rudolph's history was turbulent too. Before Santa's problems on that stormy Christmas night, poor Rudolph was laughed at and called names the entire flight.

Rudolph learned an important lesson, and we thought we did too, but on that one Christmas night, our children became gifts for Bobbie Franks and Mary Sue. We never saw our children again. We heard them speak of this savior that we could not see. Did he save Rudolph? Why did he not save our children you and me? Many seasons passed and many stories too. The story of Rudolph and Christmas only made us blue.

We have been deceived by the story of Rudolph and made us appear to be fooled. Our elders and spirits kept telling us these people have no spirits and are differently schooled.

We talked to our neighbors that have been here many years. They spoke of their treatment and how they shed many tears. Our neighbors said they knew them after centuries of fighting but believed nothing they said. They took all of their lands now, and all of the braves are all dead.

Some said that they bragged about cruelty and bells that they've rung, words of hate spoken with sharp forked tongs, not realizing that anything they say, will be fuel etched into our spirits and used yet another day.

There is no reason to know my name. I lived centuries ago. I did not know the story of Rudolph, and I thought you should know. The story is not authentic, and it's plain to see, that it wasn't about Rudolph. It is about you and me.

Learn more and live stress-free…

Just, John


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