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Tell Children the Truth!

Vigilant adults can easily recognize them. Children of the truth are level-headed, bright, and very confident. These children are open-minded to new ideas and approach challenges and constructive criticism effortlessly. Few are shy and practically impossible to intimidate, as they are comfortable in their skins.

Child Abuse

I was only ten years old when I watched my father tie my brother to a bedpost and beat the living daylight out of him with a coal miner’s belt. My brother jumped out of the bedroom window and hung from the window by his waist. My father promptly walked outside of the house and beat my brother even more as he turned there. I was horrified by this chain of events, but this beating truly got my attention as brutal as it may have seemed at the time. I realized later that the defeat was a smokescreen, as my brother sustained little physical harm. The site of the event was most telling, however. Later I learned that my brother had told a lie, which was the reason for his punishment. Was it that important?

While I was growing up between two mountains in West Virginia, I learned some invaluable lessons. My father would let us know right up front that he did not tolerate lies. I got it! Daddy would always use the term “Do not mimic your master, or you will inherit his burdens.” This cliché was handed down to my father from his father and subsequently to my family. My grandfather believed that lies projected energy. This energy could make you or break you!

Despite being an African slave, my grandfather lived to be 115 years of age. He married a Creek Indian (Native American). She also lived to be 115 years of age. They possessed some very controversial beliefs. They passed down some of these customs that remain alive in our family even today. I guess I mimic my grandparents through my father. I guess by now, you are wondering what this has to do with child abuse. Child abuse in America is mainly relates to objective physical abuse. Mental and spiritual abuse, however, pose the most systemic challenges to children but go unnoticed.

Is Telling Your Child A Lie Actionable Child Abuse?

It’s the American way of life to tell lies. It started with the classification of races in the 17th century to justify slavery and went berserk from that point. Article I Title 2 of our Constitution starts the lying with the three-fifths clause. There is plenty of evidence available that unveils Americans, but many cannot handle the truth. They would prefer to tell their children lies. Lies subject their children to the worse kind of child abuse. Sadly, children sustain irreparable mental and spiritual damage due to lies said to them by their parents. Still, some clinch on to these lies for comfort. Many are unaware of the damage to themselves and their children. Nature has a balance, and it works!


Children told to not believe their lying eyes are easily recognizable. Many times they are misfits that cling to talking points created by their parents. Once they learn the truth, many are angry at their parents and confused. Their burdens are heavy. Their ills are curable. But, they, too, must realize that Nature has a cure for their ills, but they must learn the importance of truth.

Many of us are confused almost about everything that we see or hear. This confusion is understandable when lies are a regular part of out diets.

Someone has broken this old, worn, funky code, and we can now see victory! Indulge us:


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