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The Solution

Some Remain in the Dark

Someone asked me a few days ago why were there so many white, Black lives Matter protesters? The answer that I provided was somewhat convoluted, as I was not sure myself. White people have also endured some very vile conduct and some harsh words and acts that damage their health, wealth, and welfare. The difference between white people and people of color is people of color understand from whence their burdens come. Many white people believe that people of color are their problem. They know not that they know not!

Negative words and acts are more poignant when they come from the highest office in the land. Thank God the Internet and other advanced technologies have enabled us to be more conscious of evil regardless of its origin. I genuinely believe that facts portrayed in living color can touch the spirits of many God-loving people. One would be inhumane to not respond to the Lynching of a person of God in the public square. Their response was only natural, and most promising to see people who were not of color include themselves in a world-wide protest. Those that observe events of this nature and were not incensed or even horrified are cursed, and only exacerbates their curse by their insensitivity.

People Easy to Forgive

I must admit that black people are the most forgiving people I have ever encountered in my seventy-six years’ experience in this sometimes uncomfortable and hostile environment. Black people will give their last dime to help other people, regardless of their race. Many blacks and other people of color seem to insert more elasticity in their patience than others.

Slavery and other malicious acts have ironically enabled people of color to envision a world where race, color, or creed are not at issues. It is in their selfish interest to think this way, however. If we keep it real considering everything, it would be wise for all people to feel this way. I believe that this compassion derives from self-pity in many instances. When one cannot change their circumstances, they will often create an aura around them that exudes the presence of love, honesty, compassion, integrity, and all the other good stuff the mind can conjure.

How Do We Reach a Conclusion?

My combined at least 280 years of personal and ancestral experience applying these tactics stands for a lot. I know that some are questioning the validity of my assertions regarding our conversion program. My reason, however, for sharing information with you is pretty selfish. I have selfish reasons to convince you that I am providing information that is genuine and authentic. If you can use the information that I am sharing then, I am elated. If not, I am disappointed because the information that I share is REAL. If applied as I suggest, this information will be of great value, empowering you with the ability to effortlessly reject and convert negative evil energy into extraordinary wisdom, health, and prosperity throughout your entire life.

How Do We Do It?

That is the easy part! This session is the first part of a series of blogs and newsletters upcoming during these troubled times. “You need no ticket; You just get on board.” I have promised to give newsletters sporadically (when I feel the urgent need to tell my story). My delays do not mean that my newsletters are useless. I make no excuses. I have been attempting continuously to share information with ALL PEOPLE, not just blacks and people of color for many years. I started with blacks because they are climbing out of a much deeper hole.

Let us begin with our stories, not history

The most important part of our program involves the understanding of ourselves. There are religions for various beliefs. Some are good, bad, and ugly, and some have nothing to do with God! Fortunately, most religions offer a path to God. We must know God. God is in our spirit. It is that innate feeling that lets you know right from wrong when you are born. Even a newborn baby senses good from evil. God is personal and only identifiable by YOU. We must learn to trust that a being is superior to all, and he, she, or it lives in us.

We must learn to identify ourselves as being made in the image of God. Many of us attempt to make God in our image. They can only imagine God in the idea of a man with long hair, blue eyes, etc. God is not visible! The Apostle Paul stated that “things that are seen are temporal.” “Things that are not seen are everlasting.”

I base my findings on things not seen, especially by “modern man” or the Western world. Information that you receive from me may not always be. But you can rest assured that It will always be becoming. We must unfetter ourselves from the thoughts of what we call modern man. We must reach back and use acts and words of wisdom from our elders. For it is they that have brought us to this very moment. We have the complete ability to change the course of the planet. Join us!

My next blog and FREE newsletter will begin unveiling the most extraordinary engagement ever known in the history of humanity. Go to and take control of your life. Get our ongoing newsletters for your strength!

Just John


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